Start this year with a life-changing ritual, that I have been doing for years: reading through the entire Bible…only over TWO years, and not ONE (which means you’ll actually do it!). And even better, it’s in chronological order.

You can get my FREE E-Book, Two Years Through the Bible, by clicking this link to my email, and requesting  a FREE copy:  This easy to follow reading plan with alter your mind, transform your heart, and literally, change your life.

The need is greater than ever today for people to have a overall understanding of the Bible as a whole. If people can understand the “big picture” from Genesis to Revelation they will be better able to understand the specific passages throughout the Bible.

The best interpreter of Scripture is Scripture itself. A consistent plan of reading through the entire Bible, combined with specific studies and meditations of Bible books, topics and passages will provide a balanced and rich experience in the Scriptures.

I call this a “meat and potatoes” approach to the Word. Eat lots of potatoes by your general chronological reading through the entire Bible, and meditate on the meat of specific Scriptures and areas of focused Bible study.

The purpose of this program is to read through the entire Bible – in chronological order – over a two year period. This guide places both Old and New Testament books in the approximate historical time frame in which they happened relative to each other. You will be reading the Old and the New Testament at the same time so that you will get a little bit of both each day.

It is the Holy Spirit who gives understanding to the Bible, so make it your habit to ask for his illumination each time you open your Bible to read. It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will richly bless your reading and study of the Word so that you may “transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

So, don’t delay this life-changing ritual! Get my FREE E-Book, Two Years Through the Bible, by clicking this link to my email, and requesting  a FREE . You will never be the same…I promise!