For iPhone users, as well as Droid users, our phones’ operating systems are so robust with features that you have to be a major geek to keep up with them, let alone use them.
     The current iPhoneIOS9 operating system , has a boatload of hidden features that, though not iPhone 6 with handobvious, can be incredibly useful for everyday life. I love shortcuts when it comes to using my phone, especially shortcuts that cut down my inputting words with my fingers, namely, Text Shortcuts.
     For example, I have to type in quite often when emailing and texting people. Instead of typing in this long domain name every time, try this:
     Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement and tap the plus (+) symbol.
     Input in the Phrase field. Then in the Shortcut field right below input some letters of your choice, like mwa . Now, every time you type mwa your iPhone will auto-correct it to
     This works for email addresses, names, cities, phone numbers, or anything that you use commonly that has lots of letters. It’s been a great Effectivity shortcut for me.
     Let me know what you think?