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Finding the Right Career for You

Finding the Right Career for You – Evening Workshop – Monday night Oct. 16 @ Whatcom Community College

If you are looking for a career “fit” that matches your “Core Wiring”, I’m offering my wildly popular “Finding the Right Career for You” at a special community ed rate of only $49 this Monday night, Oct. 16 at Whatcom Community College. This class is a $470 value that I offer once a quarter through WCC. Whether you’re considering a new career or thinking of going back to school for new training, I hope you’ll consider joining us. Here’s the link to register:

Help Young Talent Develop a Professional Mindset

Here’s a great article by Emotional Intelligence expert, Daniel Goleman.


There is a chasm between what business leaders expect from recent graduates, and what these new hires offer. In a Hay Group study of 450 business leaders and 450 recent graduates based in India, the US, and China… a massive 76% of business leaders reported that entry-level workers and recent grads are not ready for their jobs.

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